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For Specialist Projects involving protection from ballistic or blast threat conditions NEOS Protect Ltd can call upon the experiences gained in projects on behalf of various HMG Agencies and Overseas Governments. This includes ballistic protection to foreign Embassies in UK and VIP Accommodations


Illustration of high security control room including Bullet Resistant Observation Windows, Access Controlled Interlocking Doors with Vision Panels. Walls, doors,  windows and connections all manufactured to the same ballistic level to form an entire secure “shell”.  

Security of buildings and personnel is not based upon one single solution but a combination of “layered” protection that together form an overall comprehensive system of prevention, detection and reaction coupled with the ultimate line of physical protection.

NEOS Protect Ltd are happy to offer assistance and advice to Designers at the early stage to ensure proposals meet project demands and ensure total client satisfaction

Note:- For fullness of information, there are no products available on the marketplace described such as  “bullet proof doors” or “blast proof doors “.

These products are designed to be bullet / blast “resistant” to perceived threat levels of attack based upon the likely weapon of choice. The relevant CEN/NIJ/UL/DIN Test Standards criteria involve measurable specific calibre of weapon, number of discharges and set distances. Similarly BSEN16933 for blast protection indicates set charge size and stand-off distances. However real life situations may be at variance to the test models and it should be considered that the level of protection includes a “safety factor” to be built in. This should also cover stand-off distances being increased, tighter controls on access and screening measures plus of course evacuation procedures in event of insurgencies etc.

NEOS Protect offer a free survey and design proposal service

Common Sense Advice

  • Ballistic Performance Doors and Windows should be installed within similar protection level of walling. Often we find internal glazed screens fitted into studwork walls to combat physical forced entry but with minimal or no bullet resistance.
  • Similarly Blast Resistant Doors and Windows are designed to absorb the  blast impulse and spread the load onto the adjoining walls. If these are not similar performance levels, then building collapse may occur with disastrous results.
  • In both instances the fixing detail including quantity, size and type of fixing is critical. We have seen Ballistic Windows simply fitted with 6mm woodscrews meaning these “high secure windows” could be simply “pushed out”.  On “Supply Only” Projects (Export) always ask for the Installation Data Sheet complete with appropriate bolts /fixings etc within your Quote Requests.   

For High Level Security Projects involving ballistic and /or blast protection always refer to an Experienced Advisor for guidance – we do !!!.