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Secured by Design Guidelines

GUIDANCE Doc – Secured by Design considerations

Following the introduction of Building Regulations Approved Doc Part Q – Building Security, there is specific reference to SBD Design Guide  “Homes 2016” as a cross reference document for reference to the correct performance specifications covering Communal Entrance Doors and Entrance Screens.

The required standard for Accessed Controlled Doors is either STS202 BR2 or LPS1175 SR2 Level of Burglary Resistance. A lower specification of PAS24:2012 may be applied at the Crime Prevention Design Advisor’s discretion based upon low crime and / or rural area and using manual locking only.

NOTE:- A simple indicator of the proposals that may be adopted. Please consult with your local Crime Prevention Design Advisor in all instances to confirm the correct compliances

PAS24:2012 Acceptable STS202 BR2 /LPS 1175 SR2 Recommended

Low Crime Area – Rural etc


Higher Crime Areas


Low Occupancy Dwelling > 4 Flats Max


Over 4No Flatted Dwellings per Block


Manual Locking


Electro Magnetic Controlled Locking


Access Controlled


Access Control within Door /Entrance Screen


The critical criteria for full Secured by Design Compliance are as follows:-

  1. The SBD Standard requires that the door construction and locking system intended for use is subjected to a physical attack using a variety of hand tools.  The preferred locking system for Access Controlled Doorsets is the use of powerful electromagnetic locks which are fast, efficient and very user friendly
  2. The SBD standard also requires that the intended glazing to be installed is also subject to the same physical attack test.  This includes the glazing style and maximum sizes of glass
  3. In accordance with BS8300 the SBD requirement for the Door Entry Panel to be fitted within the Entrance Screen requires similar physical attack performance of the protection for control wiring
  4. Door opening mode, operation and designs should all also be as the fully tested model.

Break Glass Exit devices are no longer acceptable due to constant abuse. Instead VR stainless steel self re-setting emergency exit buttons are to be installed.

There are also Management and Maintenance Protocols to be adhered covering the door entry, access control and cctv systems.

Depending upon the building foyer layout, there is a need to form a secure lobby with secondary SBD Compliant Controlled Doors protecting entry into the building core or a Postal Letter Box Bank fitted within the external Entrance Screen. This should offer the same physical protection level as the door / locking system / glazing / access control panel so that the entire assembly has a continuous performance level.

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