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Common External Doors

Within most multi-occupancy dwellings there are numerous common doorsets used by all tenants such as Bicycle Stores, Refuse Stores, plus Plant Rooms used by maintenance teams etc.

As these can be alternative entrances into the building core or considered a security risk from theft, (Bicycle Stores hold valuable re-sellable items), arson (Refuse Stores are susceptible to this activity) or simple vandalism

All these doors must also be manufactured to STS202 BR2 level of burglary resistance for full compliance to Secured by Design “Homes 2016” Design Guide and AD Part Q “Building Security”

NEOS Protect Ltd can provide these doors utilising access control operation or manual key locking using mainstream locks or unique GERDA locks which are being used extensively by Fire Brigades Nationally due to the secure key management system.

If you require more information on this or any other project please feel free to contact us for free impartial advice and guidance on these specialist products and associated works.

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