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Communal Entrances




NEOS Protect Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of secure mild steel / stainless steel fabricated doorsets to suit Client’s project specific requirements.

The NEOS Range of Communal Entrances are in full accordance to Secured by Design New / Refurbished Homes 2013 Design Guide using Electromagnetic locking:- Compliance to STS202 BR2 Standard of Burglary Resistance.

As Communal Entrances to multi occupancy dwellings are the first visual sign of the community spirit within, plus indicate the character of the building and surrounding area, it is a very important feature to be considered by Architects and Specifiers alike.

It is critical therefore that not only aesthetically pleasing Entrances are considered but they should also be robust to withstand the high expected usage, probable misuse (unintentional or otherwise), eliminate potential vandalism opportunities, and still maintain a clean appearance during its lifetime – degradation of this focal area can lead to break down of the general feeling originally intended.

The NEOS Range of Steel Communal Entrance Doors and Screens are manufactured to ensure a greatly extended lifespan over many similar products on the market, and coupled with minimal on-going maintenance costs to the end client over this expected duration of minimum 15- 20 years – this helps make the NEOS Door a significantly attractive and popular choice.

Neos Protect offer a free survey and design service

Common Sense Advice

As Communal Doors invariably open outwards and windy conditions are prevalent to high rise tower blocks, consider the following:-

  • Tailwind:- Ensure doors are fitted with mechanisms to prevent the door being blown against the building causing damage to both door and walls.
  • Headwind:- Consider fitting power assisted door opening devices for aged or infirm users.

Due to changes in atmospheric conditions the operation of the door closer mechanism may vary ie may need “speed up” or “speed down” to meet specific weather conditions. This is a simple operation and can be carried out locally without the need for expensive “call outs” to “rectify a door problem”. Please ask for advice

 Outward opening doors offer greater protection from forced entry than inward opening doors.

Electromagnetic locking is the preferred locking arrangements due to their reliability and efficiency in use – A feature that satisfies both Security (Crime Prevention) and and Safety (Fire Control) requirements.