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ACPO “Secured by Design” – Commercial Developments 2015 – advises new performance Standards for External Doorsets – Section 56 External doorset apertures

Section 56
External doorset apertures

56.1 It is important that the doorset aperture is protected. Due to the nature of some commercial building uses and locations there is an expectation that the security will be required to meet the following minimum standards when the building is unoccupied:

  • PAS 24:2012 (Not recommended for high usage traffic)
  • LPS 1175: Issue 7, SR2
  • STS 201 or STS 202: Issue 3, BR2

56.3 In some circumstances it is highly likely that neither the CPDA nor the developer will know who the occupier of an industrial unit will be or the nature of the business therein. In such circumstances the CPDA will normally require the minimum level of security described in paragraph 56.1 above. If, however, the occupier is known then it is essential that the occupier’s insurers are advised in order that the correct level of security can be specified.

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