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Our Products & Services

NEOS Protect Ltd, are a specialist metal work manufacturer using mild steel profiles. We offer our clients the opportunity of a “One Stop Shop” facility for communal doorsets, glazed screens and other similar physical barriers. Our core products are main entrances, rear entrances, cycle stores, bin stores, plant room and fire rated doorsets. We are also, the only UK company who can offer a 30 & 60 minute fire rated doorset with STS 202 BR2 level of certified testing.

These are designed and manufactured to combat the physical security threats from:-

Anti-Social Behaviour
Forced Entry
Ballistic Threat
Blast Situations
Sector – Mixed Tenure / Social Housing Projects
Sector – High Street Businesses, Commercial Properties
Sector – All New Build / Fire Protection Upgrade Projects
Sector – Financial, Government and VIP Installations
Sector- Refineries and Government

NEOS Protect Ltd
can also offer a range of thermal performance doorsets and windows for use on BREEAM Assessed Sustainable Building Projects.

The expertise and experience that NEOS Protect Ltd can offer on almost any type of project can prove vital to offering the “best advice” at all times – there are few project demands from low level security to high profile military war zone projects, that we have not encountered. These experiences can prove invaluable to our clients on their own schemes, where we can pass across the knowledge gained from similar past projects.  We can liaise with or manage other Associated Trades in a manner that will ensure a multi-trade project can be “dovetailed” to ensure total satisfaction to Main Contractors and End Clients alike.

NEOS Protect Ltd will be increasing the range of tested and certified products to afford protection from the highest threat levels.


MODEL 1: Single Outward Opening Doorset – with or without Side Panels
MODEL 2: Single Inward Opening Doorset – with or without Side Panels
MODEL 3: Double Doorset
MODEL 4: Side-panel incorporating Door Entry panel to meet BS8300 / AD Part M – protected cableways
MODEL 5: Side-panel incorporating Fireman’s Drop Key Switch – protected cableways
MODEL 6: 30/0 and 60/0 Fire Resistant Model
MODEL 7: Single Leaf Outward opening- Exidor 419 Panic Bar
MODEL 8: Single Leaf Outward Opening – ASSA Abloy 3G114 Dead Lock
MODEL 9: Single Leaf Outward Opening – GERDA H System Single Point Deadlock

STYLE A: Portcullis Design Incorporating Polycarbonate Glazing for Housing Estate Refurbishments Programs
STYLE B: 2XB Style with “all glass” glazing or solid infill panels
STYLE C: Fully Glazed Doorleaf or with mid-rail for modern New Build Housing Developments
STYLE D: Solid Doors for Bicycle Stores etc. – with or without vision panels
STYLE E: Louvred Doors for Refuse Stores etc.
STYLE F: 30/0 or 60/0 Fire Resistant Glazing

Our Products

  1. Single Glazed Doorset
  2. Single Glazed Doorset with Side Screen
  3. Double Doorset with Side Screen
  4. Single Louvre Doorset
  5. Double Louvre Doorset
  6. Single Solid Doorset



7.   Double Solid Doorset
8.   Single Solid Doorset with Vision Panel
9.   Double Solid Doorset with Vision Panel (Timber Effect)
10.   Entrance Doorset with Mail Boxes
11.   Portcullis










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