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One Stop Shop Solution

With the forthcoming changes to the Secured by Design “New and Refurbished Homes 2013 Design Guide” combined with the provisions for BS8300 “Design and buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled persons” plus Building Regulations Approved Doc Part M Parts 1 & 2, there many considerations to be taken into account and all become interrelated to each other:- Doors and Screens, Door Entry System,  Door Automation and the correct installation of these associated products to ensure a safe and secure environment to live and work.

Traditionally this would involve sourcing each company individually – up to 4No separate companies – and letting the works accordingly, this however is no longer a practical solution as each factor is reliant upon the other and it becomes important that only jointly compliant products are used in harmony.

NEOS Protect “One Stop Shop” Service provides the perfect solution…………….

In association with leading Access Control Manufacturers and Installers, we have built up a National Network of “Partners” who jointly bring all current Best Practice products and methodology to each project to ensure a true “fit for purpose” solution on every occasion.

At Design Stage of each project we meet with Designers, Architects, or End Clients to discuss the overall requirements of the scheme covering the Access Control arrangements and Door functionality and provide the “best available” full package solution.

Depending upon the weightings of the sub -packages, NEOS Protect Ltd would act as an impartial Lead Company or Team Project Manager, to ensure that all aspects of the works meet current Best Practice guidelines and fully meet the long term operational requirements of the project.