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Fire Resistant

NEOS Protect-IF

NEOS Protect-IF Steel Doors and Screens are designed for Insulated Fire and Non Insulated Fire Resistance Protection. Steel is the ideal material to construct fire resistant systems as it has a far higher melting point – 1500ºC whilst aluminium is 650ºC. This makes it possible for steel fenestration systems to be fire rated to 120 minutes integrity and insulation and up to 180 minutes integrity only.

The fire systems used by NEOS have been tested in UK and Europe and conform to EN1627 and BS 476 Part 22.

INTEGRITY ONLY EXPLAINED – “Resistance to Fire Penetration”


Integrity Only Doors and Screens prevent flames and smoke spreading. They are invaluable for protecting buildings from fire damage

Performance Categories are E30, E60, E90, E120 & E180 or otherwise known as 30:0, 60:0, 90:0, 120:0 and 180:0.

INTEGRITY AND INSULATION EXPLAINED – “Resistance to the transfer of excessive heat”




Fire Insulation means that the radiated heat through the frame and glass does not exceed 1400C on the fire side of the frame. This prevents combustible materials from catching fire on the non fire side and causing fire spread or dangerous heat transfer to fire escape routes etc . This can significantly save lives and property.

Performance Categories are EI30, EI60, Ei90, EI120 * EI180 or otherwise known as 30:30, 60:60, 90:90, 120:120 or 180:180

NEOS Protect Ltd offer a free Survey and Design service.

Common sense advice:-

  • Fire Doors should open towards the direction of escape and fitted with a self closing device.
  • Fire Doors should open easily during evacuation – no need to search for keys.
  • Fire Resistant Glazing offering Interity Only may be limited in area. Glazing offering Integrity and Insulation is not subject to such size limitations. 
  • Fire Escape routes should be kept clear of trip hazards, obstacles, combustible materials etc