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Our Approach

Ideally NEOS Protect Ltd try to engage with our Client’s to understand all requirements on design, aesthetics, security and operational requirements and then provide suitable solutions for consideration.

The Designer on this project wanted to move away from standard  fencing to form an access controlled walkway barrier.Result:- A bespoke manufactured stainless steel “bamboo” decorative feature


We realise that many factors are involved in decision making – not least of which is “cost” and we like most others have the same constraints placed upon us. However it is important to balance “cost savings” with product performance and, as we do not allow our products to be compromised by inferior components or work practices, we are confident that the NEOS range of doorsets offer true “value for money” and “fit for purpose” solution on every occasion.

The designer on this project wished to provide “something different” to brighten up the main entrancesResult:- Mild steel screens with applied screen printed panels to form bespoke design decorative entrances

All manufacture AND installation procedures are carried out by our own skilled workforce and the experience accrued over the past 20 years within our chosen sector ensures that we can offer a total client satisfaction service.

An example of ornate gates and fencing for perimeter security to provide a pleasing aesthetic appearance and maintaining tenant safety.Result:- Tenant peace of mind and pride of owership

Our Company strategy is to build up long term associations with our Clients and we are confident that once given the opportunity, we will meet all the demands to ensure and secure on-going business relationships. The benefit to our clients would be the comfort of continuity of a high level of product and service quality with the added advantage that we are prepared to:-

  • “Partner” the Client at any meetings / presentations with interested Stakeholders to answer questions / give advice on any issues arising.
  • Actively promote our relationship and support the Client at any “open day” events or similar.
  • Offer long term fixed cost maintenance programmes to extend the products life span beyond the minimum 10 year warranty.
  • Continually strive to exceed all environmental and social responsibilities placed upon us, this ensures our Client’s similar commitments on these important issues can be fully met also.
Project Designer wanted to provide staff with a good working environment and to also encourage the public to enter the building.Result:- Maximum glazed area assembly providing light and visual openess. Access controlled for safety and security issues

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