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New Year – New Clients, Old Values

2012 started with a major boost to the New Year with 3No significant Awards totalling in excess of £200,000 within the first week !!.

Following guidance from ACPO Secured by Design, the UK’s 2nd largest Housebuilder awarded NEOS Protect the installation of a number of access controlled Entry Doors to a prestigious New Build Development in West London. Timescale: Installation of Phase One is due in February with a subsequent Phase to follow in the summer. The early signs indicate that this may become a long standing business relationship with further potential opportunities already discussed.

A further new Client, an Essex based Access Control Company chose NEOS Protect Ltd to be part of a “Joint Venture” to meet the requirements of the Local Housing Company’s Capital Expenditure for Housing Improvements and  Security Upgrade Programme. The current project entails the installation of secure Access Control Systems and SbD Entrances to 12No Housing Blocks. Timescale – March 2012 completion.

A further smaller award, but significantly yet another well established Access Control Company, has also selected NEOS Protect to work with them on the initial trial Block prior to the upgrade of all Main Entrances to a very large South London housing estate for a leading London G15 Housing Association. Timescale; The trial site is due for installation and commissioning in February with the “roll out” likely to take place in the coming months.

It is anticipated that these will all develop into further Regional “Strategic Alliances” between specialist sub contractors operating within the housing sector. The mutual benefits of working closely with these companies also extends to a much improved service to the End Client due to familarity and awareness of each others needs and willingness to work together as a team – a Win-Win situation all round.

An example of this desire to work closely with Allied Trades saw the 3rd major award, this time in South London, for a mutually established Housing Association Client requiring the fast track installation of a series of Communal Entrances as part of a significant Estate Regeneration Programme. Timescale:- Works planned for completion early March 2012.
These works are the result of a long standing and very close working relationship with a major London Access Control Company whose preference to work with  NEOS Protect Ltd based upon our products, performances and willingness to support, has led to many schemes being undertaken in harmony with further significant projects in the pipeline during 2012 .

This month, more tham any, has clearly shown the importance of working closely with our fellow Trades to allow us all to perform well and the rewards that this stimulates. The benefits to the End Client cannot be underestimated and with repeat business a likely scenario, and we are pleased to be part of a growing “family” of specialist access control / door sub contractors working as a team to deliver an efficient and effective service to the respective Clients.